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Joanne (Jody) Jenkins

Health Whisperer of VA

Certified TRE® Provider 

Tension Release for Everyone

Wellness Coach


You can achieve your wellness goals

As your wellness coach I am your concierge to wellness. Perhaps your desire is to follow wellness recommendations from your physician, dietitian, personal trainer, or employer. I am your resource to enthusiastically assist you in practicing heathy living. I have developed a 5 part wellness plan that can be tailored for each individual which we will follow to reach your wellness goals. 

Your body is talking…..are you listening?

 P - E - N - N - Y 

A proven way to enhance your life

Prayer, Exercise, Nature, Nutrition, Yoga

Read bellow to find out more

The Penny Story

At my first oncology appointment on 3/11/11, what would have been my dad’s birthday, a shiny penny caught my eye just as I stepped out of the car. Having been taught the value of pennies, I snatched it up and communicated to my family who accompanied me that this meant that our Dad/Grandpa was with us during this stressful time that day.

Over the ensuing months as I restructured my life to include all things good that would promote a happy, healthy lifestyle, I was reminded of the lucky penny I had found in March. I realized that the action plan I was following to connect my mind-body-spirit in preparation for cancer removal was actually an acronym for penny:

                             Prayer, Exercise, Nature, Nutrition and Yoga

From March until July, each day that I accomplished these things, I exuberantly placed a penny in a small jar. Some days, I would repeat the PENNY routine and add a Nickel or Dime to my deposit. Because of my dedication to this lifestyle, my rewards have been, and continue to be, nothing short of miraculous, because

                             The PENNY Practice Enhanced My Life

On 7/14/11, after a 7-hour procedure to remove a gastric tumor, I experienced a near-death experience when simultaneous blood clots in my legs, lungs, heart, and head occurred, causing oxygen deprivation, a heart attack, stroke, and permanent partial loss of vision. I survived because

                              The PENNY Practice Saved My Life

Since then, I have thrived by listening to my personal Health Whispers, connecting my mind-body-spirit like never before. I have been encouraged for years to share my approach and certainly now is the appropriate time, as we all must strive towards wellness. As your Concierge of Wellness, I can assist you in this endeavor.

                              The PENNY Practice Will Enhance Your Life. Listen to Your Own Whisper of Health



How, where and when you pray is very personal. Set your intention for quietness, thoughtfulness and thanksgiving. I have personal lived and witnessed the power of prayer.


Congratulations. You are halfway there by envisioning yourself in self-care habits that fit easily into your daily life: basic and free, anywhere, anytime, formulated for you specifically..


City, rural, country, apartment, room or house - nature surrounds us constantly. Experience what brings you joy.


Let's simplify your approach to nutrition. Small adjustments can make a huge difference in your overall wellness.  


Stress reduction, healing, wellness and survival are all based on proper breathing practices, which leads you to your own preferred style of relaxation. Yoga is a favorite of mine.