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Joanne (Jody) Jenkins

Health Whisperer of VA

Certified TRE® Provider 

Tension Release for Everyone

Wellness Coach


To schedule a session contact

[email protected] or call 434-906-4324

Sessions available via Zoom

Group sessions are available.

SUMMER 2022 In-person sessions are available!

Conveniently located in between Richmond and Charlottesville VA. 


After each TRE® session, I felt like I'd received a full body massage. Not only did I sleep better, but my legs became toned and stronger.


Virginia, USA

TRE® is absolutely amazing. After I have a therapeutic massage, I am calm, relaxed, and peaceful, but even better, TRE is like getting a massage from the inside out!


South Carolina, USA

I love how TRE® can be adapted and modified for each individual. This makes each session different and unique every time for me. After regularly practicing TRE®, I encountered a stressful and traumatic situation. Instead of being stressed, my body tremored for a few minutes and I felt relief! TRE® is a life-changer.


Virginia, USA