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Joanne (Jody) Jenkins

Health Whisperer of VA

Certified TRE® Provider 

Tension Release for Everyone

Wellness Coach


About Jody

Jody began wellness coaching in 2013, becoming certified as a health coach. Her wellness activities include walking, equine therapy, k9 therapy, meditation, yoga, prayer, strength exercises, outdoor activities, nutrition, and TRE®.

         Jody discovered TRE® in 2016 several years after a traumatic life experience that caused an accumulation of stress, tension, and trauma. In 2020 Jody attended a TRE® workshop via Zoom to resume TRE® and she knew then that progressing to become a Certified Provider is exactly the fulfillment of her passion. As a wellness coach and TRE® provider, she believes that everyone possesses an innate sense of wellness and wholeness that guides us to self-healing. In addition to TRE® Jody is dedicated to a daily wellness routine of self-care that clients have followed with success. In today’s world of constant stress, tension, and trauma, which affects us all in some form, may we all find our path to some relief. 

My Testimonial

I first experienced TRE® (Tension/Trauma Release Exercises) during a workshop held by Gail Todter, Ph.D. at Galleywinter Farm in Afton, VA

 My email to her on June 13, 2016 reads as follows:

“I just can’t thank you enough for providing the TRE® workshop. What a unique experience! I woke up shaking the morning after the TRE® workshop, in a good way, as we had practiced. For three days I lived in a wonderfully euphoric state which everyone noticed, even when just hearing my voice on the phone. My mind-body-spirit reached a new natural connection. It was unbelievable to me; a place that I hadn’t realized I could take myself. You, Maria* and participants are the mesh that a true mind-body-spirit community of believers is made of. Thank you."   Jody

*Four years later, Maria Alfaro became my mentor/trainer via Zoom TRE® workshop, training and classes.