Joanne (Jody) Jenkins

Health Whisperer of VA

Certified TRE® Provider/ Relaxation Coach

Tension Release for Everyone


About Jody

        During recovery from a near-death experience in 2011, Jody applied her strength, research, and goals for wellness to her daily life, guided by her decades of experience in the healthcare setting. Jody began wellness coaching in 2013, becoming certified as a health coach. Her wellness activities include walking, equine therapy, k9 therapy, PEMF therapy, meditation, yoga, prayer, strength exercises, outdoor activities, and nutrition.

        Wellness is unique to each individual and Jody sensed that there was something more she could do to connect her mind and body in the healing process. Relating to her experience as Director of a self-made 10 acre mini-farm from 2002-2009, Jody had discovered ways to center herself and visitors when partnering with dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, and goats. Clients benefit from Jody’s guidance by optimizing various ways to enhance their lifestyles.

        Currently, she and her husband of 50 years reside near Charlottesville, VA in a rural peaceful setting that includes numerous forms of relaxation for humans and canines, including a dog PlayCourse as well as PEMF therapy and tension/stress 

reducing release in a comfortable, quiet setting with Honey, a rescue Beagle, and Lucy, an adopted English Mastiff.

 My Testimonial

I first experienced TRE® (Tension/Trauma Release Exercises) during a workshop held by Gail Todter, Ph.D. at Galleywinter Farm in Afton, VA

 My email to her on June 13, 2016 reads as follows:

“I just can’t thank you enough for providing the TRE® workshop. What a unique experience! I woke up shaking the morning after the TRE® workshop, in a good way, as we had practiced. For three days I lived in a wonderfully euphoric state which everyone noticed, even when just hearing my voice on the phone. My mind-body-spirit reached a new natural connection. It was unbelievable to me; a place that I hadn’t realized I could take myself. You, Maria* and participants are the mesh that a true mind-body-spirit community of believers is made of. Thank you."   Jody

*Four years later, Maria Alfaro became my mentor/trainer via Zoom TRE® workshop, training and classes.

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